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Three Series of BMI Magnetic Levels.
All use powerful permanent magnets. 1/64” per yard accuracy
Robust Magnetic Level
NEW FOR 2003!
The Robust 4 chamber profile.

The Strongest Profile for 4’ and longer magnetic levels.
The Robust 698M
698M120 48” | 698M180 72” | 698M200 78”
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Permanent Magnets are much superior to inexpensive strip magnets
698 series permanent magnet
698M series uses heavy permanent magnets designed for the robust profile.
699 Robust Series
699M060 24” | 699M120 48” | 699M180 72” | 699M200 78”
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Strong profile & magnets; 2 vertical vials on all sizes.
Six foot and longer have 2 horizontal vials.
Permanent magnets used in series 690M & 699M.
Value Magnetic Level
690 Euro Star Robust Series
690M060 24” | 690M120 48”
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Series 690M. Two foot level has one vertical vial; 4’ level has 2 vertical vials.
New for 2002: profile strength has been increased by 25%.

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