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BMI Gauging Tpae
  • 6 Sizes: 33, 50, 65, 82, 100 & 165’ lengths (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 50m).
  • 2 Different steel tapes: stainless, and carbon.
  • All tapes have metric and inch calibrations.
  • BMI is # 1 in the world in gauging tapes
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Carbon steel
473C430-010-0210 33’/10m
473C430-015-0210 50’/15m
473C430-020-0210 65’/20m
473C430-025-0210 82’/25m
473C430-030-0210 100’/30m
Stainless steel
473N430-010-0210 33’/10m
473N430-015-0210 50’/15m
473N430-020-0210 65’/20m
473N430-025-0210 82’/25m
473N430-030-0210 100’/30m
473N430-050-0210 165’/50m
BMI makes the longest
gauging tape in the world.
Plumb bob # 0210
“Zero” point at the end of the # 0210 bob.
Tape and Plumb Bob
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