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All BMI frame tapes have the following exclusive features:
  • Pair of cartridge ball bearings in the winding mechanism
  • Flex Top protective sleeve on all tape lines
  • Reversible winding crank - right or left handed
  • Readily available spare parts for every piece on frame
  • Three sizes: 100, 200 & 330'
  • Ergonomic frame design
  • Inch tapes are in 1/16's
White Epoxy
"Pontarit" Stainless
White Epoxy BMI Frame Tape
"Pontarit" Stainless BMI Frame Tape
Offers the following features:
Our best selling stainless tape:
Our Best Seller
Coated stainless tape has very good visibility
Isolan (Nyclad)
Isolan (Nyclad) BMI Frame Tape
Has the following exclusive features:
Nylon coated tapes are lighter — we use a 25% thinner steel core than our standard¨
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