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BMI levels and tapes are made for the job site.
We offer the most rugged tools in their category.
We have made major product enhancements over the last two years with the introduction of the Mason’s, Magnetic & Super Robust. In each case we targeted a specific segment of the market, and using our proven Robust level with its four chamber profile, built a level that is the best in its class. The Super Robust profile, designed for the longer level market, is over 500% stronger than the standard robust.
Our levels have superb accuracy — 1/64” per yard — to compliment their ruggedness. (Our UltraSonic Level is accurate to 1/32" per yard.)
Likewise, we have made significant enhancements in our frame tape program: new imprints on both inch & 1/10 tapes, 1/16’s rather than 1/8” scale, and the introduction of the "Flextop" sleeve on every frame tape — thus protecting the tape line at its most vulnerable location.
In almost every case, these features are exclusive to BMI levels & tapes. This array of features, combined with great “German” quality, make these the rugged tools of choice for the jobsite.
We invite, repeat invite, you to compare
BMI levels and tapes with the competition.
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