BMI x 4 Window Tape

BMI x 4 Window Tape
BMI x 4 Window Tape Red

ABS high impact housing, professional quality tape measure made in Germany with the following 4 functions:

1-Standard tape measure - 10ft long x 1/2" wide mm/inch graduations with lock button.

2-"Inside" dimension reading - measurement reading in window of case give the length from the tip of the blade to the back of the housing. Perfect for those tight spots so you don’t have to crimp the tape in the corner with your thumb.

3-Horizontal level - level vial can be read from side or top.

4-Circle drawing - Flip out the compass point from the bottom of case, dial in the radius of the circle you want, and insert pen or pencil into grommet hole at beginning of tapeline. How easy is that?!

#01933 BMI x 4 Window Tape Pricing
Item# 100pcs 250pcs 500pcs 1,000pcs Wt/100 Imprint Area
01933 24.76 23.65 21.70 20.92 28lbs 2" x 1"
Extra Color 0.94 0.47 0.32 0.24 (3RS)