"Bodyfit" Waist Measuring Tape

PVC coated polyester fiber tape with colored zones for help in weight control and overall fitness. Patented slider and snap closure make measuring the waist super easy and accurate. Green, yellow, and red zones on tape for both men & women indicate if the user is in the “good, danger, or overweight” range. Scale available in inch or metric graduations. Target audience include state and local departments of health, fitness clubs, diet centers, etc. Pkg: folded, held with rubber band, & poly bagged. Size: 60” x 3/4”

"Bodyfit" Waist Measuring Tape Pricing
Item# 600pcs 1,000pcs 2,500pcs 5,000pcs Imprint Area Wt/100
Bodyfit 9.25 8.18 7.38 6.52 10" x 5/8" 7lbs (4R)